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Jazz Music


Jazz Song Birds


This library lists the various "Song Birds" who I have classified as belonging to the Jazz genre of music collections.

To view the total list of any one of the "Song Birds" listed below, click on the name and you will be transported to that Song Bird's collection page.

The Songs on these sites are copyrighted by the respective artist and are placed here for entertainment purposes only. No profits are made for this site from their use. Please support these artists and purchase their music if you like it.

Because some artists have more then one page, if you find one page temporarily unavailable go the the other available page until the first one is up again.

Jazz Song Birds

Rosemary Clooney - Page 1 Page 2

Billie Holiday - Page 1 Page 2

Peggy Lee - Page 1 Page 2
Jo Stafford - Page 1 Page 2
Sarah Vaughn - Page 1 Page 2
Dinah Washington - Page 1 Page 2

Up Dated: Mon, September 15, 2003